GM’s Out-of-This-World Plans for an Autonomous Cadillac and Flying Car

Probably you have dreamt of owning one of the fanciest cars there is in the market – everyone does. But, what could such a type of car be? Whereas everyone has their tastes and preferences when it comes to the car models that tinge their heart, your heart would probably skip a beat at the sight of the autonomous Cadillac and flying car.
So, what's so interesting with GM's out-of-this-world plans for an autonomous Cadillac and flying car? Read on to learn more about this great car.
Flying Car: Everything You Need to Know
Future of Cadillac
You probably have seen Cadillac's future, covering lots of ground to include practical SUVs, elegant flagships, a flying car, and ride-share pods with self-drive features.
During the 2021 Consumer Electronics Show, General Motors Co. unveiled plans for an autonomous Cadillac and flying car. The car can take off and land vertically. Additionally, this futuristic car carries passengers through the air and above streets.
Running on electricity, this car will run on a 90kW motor and rely on an Ultium battery pack. With an ultralightweight body, the autonomous Cadillac and flying car are designed to move 55mph.
The Ride-Sharing Shuttle Concept
The automobile's new plans feature a ride-sharing shuttle concept. The self-driving cube will be a passenger's mover that has a big glass roof and sliding doors. It does not fly, and you won't need pedals or a steering wheel to drive it.
The new concept is ideal for a family ride. It features a white could that adds to the comfort of the car. GM emphasized the ideas of social interactions in its unveiling of the plans for the new Cadillac.
Flying Car Model Concepts

Cadillac Celestiq
The Celestig features a fantastic car concept that will be all-electric. With massive four-passenger doors, the car comes with a hatch instead of a trunk in its back. Besides designed to accommodate four passengers, the Celestiq model will have a lot of space to make the occupants extremely comfortable during their ride.
The roof of the Celestiq is made of substantial black glass that extends from the windshield; stop to hatch's rear. This position creates a room full of air.
Cadillac Lyriq
If you love midsize crossovers, the Lyriq will be a perfect option. The upcoming Lyriq is a midsize electric crossover. Even without the formal grilles, the new Cadillac model will feature several backlit lines. The vertical taillights are designed to express the model's iconic signature.
The hatch design offers the new car a better aspect of sophistication and elegance. Besides the elegance, the absence of the traditional trunk improves the functionality of the car. This appearance's inspiration is to create a futuristic look that moves away from the three-box sedan look, which is considered passe.
Ultrium Electric Architecture
There is a common trend among car manufacturers to move towards an electric architecture. While this might appear to be pushed by the rising fuel cost, there is a significant element of reliability and environmental conservation.
Cadillac seems to be headed towards electric architecture, as evident in its new car concepts. The majority of Cadillac cars are destined to be electric in the future. However, the future isn't so far because the 2023 Cadillac Lyriq and Celestiq will run on electricity.
Final Thoughts
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