Finding comfort and convenience in your vehicle is only part of what makes purchasing a luxury vehicle stand out. When you're in the market for something new to drive, Cadillac's vehicles bring you an innovative and transparent experience. Not only are you paying for a vehicle designed with a sense of lavishness in mind, but you're paying to improve your in-vehicle experience.
Cadillac has cultivated a timeless and efficient owner center that provides drivers with personal, easy to access, and effective assistance for almost any issue you may face. In addition to providing customers with quick solutions, you'll also find the virtual center provides incredible services to make sure you can take advantage of all of your Cadillac's incredible features. Learn about them at your own pace, and customize your account to meet your specific needs and desires.
Listed below are only a few of the great services you'll find when logging into your personal account.
Sign up for Onstar
Safety, security, and remote access are only 3 of the great things about having an Onstar plan connected with your owner center account. When the unexpected happens, a quick push of a button can alert an Onstar representative and get medical experts as well as law enforcement to the scene. This feature is a necessity when being on the road today and helps ensure your safety during times of emergency.
Should you have an accident or need emergency assistance, Onstar is able to contact 911 for you as well as provide local dispatchers with the location of your vehicle to get you help as quickly as possible. They do not share this information with anyone without your consent and use it solely to serve and protect you as needed.
Bonus: Connected Services
These super incredible perks don't stop with having an Onstar representative watching your back 24/7. Other great connected service features include:
  • 4G LTE Wi-Fi
  • Connected Navigation
  • Hands-free calling

Have a long drive to take the family on? No worries, 4G LTE Wi-Fi allows everyone to stay connected so passengers can play games, watch movies, or browse social media to pass the time. Hands-free calling keeps your hands on the wheel and your focus on the road if you need to make a call. Connect your smartphone via Bluetooth and give the command to make a call or send a text without ever having to pick up your phone. You can say your goodbyes to busy mornings rushing out the door, freezing when you're trying to get the car warmed up. From the convenience of your phone, you can lock, unlock, start your engine, and more.

To access all of the great services you can take advantage of through the owner center, simply download the app and log in to your account. Need to schedule your next service appointment? The app can do that, too.
Monitor Your Vehicle's Diagnostics
If you've ever worried about your vehicle's health, worry no longer. Cadillac's owner center experience allows you to keep track of your entire service history, check for potential recalls, and check your vehicle's warranty eligibility or expiration at any given moment. Simply log in to your account and access all data regarding both manually and dealer entered service records.
You can check for updates, access your driving history with Smart Driver, and set email or text alerts to provide you with real-time diagnostic alerts. This helps you stay on top of your vehicle's health without having to ask a lot of questions or take it in to a service center without knowing what's going on.
Should you notice it's time to take your Cadillac in to get your tires adjusted, oil changed, or an array of other services, you can easily find the closest service center to schedule your appointment.

Max Out on Entertainment
Bluetooth's connections allow you to customize your Cadillac's menus and preferences easily. The owner center has step-by-step instructions to assist in connecting your smartphone to your vehicle so that you can enjoy all of your favorite songs at your own convenience. Input directions to any location before you start driving and take advantage of the hands-free safety opportunity while your vehicle is moving.

Smart Driver
Included in your connected access plan, Cadillac Smart Driver monitors your driving based on the following:
  • Hard braking
  • Distance driven
  • Time of day (such as late-night driving)
  • Speed
This data is used to give your driving routines an average score to help you track patterns and improve your driving. Through the app, this feature offers you tips to make improvements that could save you money on insurance. You may also find that the historical data can help you improve your driving in ways that help keep you safe on busy roads.

Learn More the Cadillac Owner Center 
If having access to all of the great features listed above isn't enough, Cadillac's owner center has one more gift for you. Download owner's manuals and watch how-to videos at the click of a few buttons. You can learn all about the features specific to your Cadillac model, including reviewing important details about everything from the interior to the exterior of your vehicle.
Learn about what's under the hood with helpful articles regarding your battery, engine oil, and much more. These support guides are made specifically with you in mind, ensuring that you can always receive quick answers to anything you may need or want to know regarding your Cadillac.
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