Steve Montanaro handed the man the keys to his new Cadillac. The customer glanced down at that iconic emblem. When he looked back up, he smiled, eyes glistening. As with many customers purchasing their first Cadillac, this moment was the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. Steve had been there with customers many times before, but this one was extra special. The man accepting those keys was Steve's father.

"My dad was a factory worker for GM all his life. He worked on the Northstar engine, which was used in the DeVille, and it was his lifelong dream to own a Cadillac. He worked so hard to take care of us, to give us a good life, and he succeeded. To Dad, owning a Cadillac was part of his American Dream. So, the day I started selling Cadillac's, my first goal was to help make that dream come true. Watching him realize his dream brought me so much joy.
"When I think about that, I'm reminded that our team gets to experience that joy with people every single day, whether it's their first Cadillac, or they've been driving one for years. To be part of that moment is such a blessing, and it motivates all of us to give our best every day.

"I wasn't always in the car business. I actually started out as a research analyst. When I moved down to Florida from New York back in 2004, I decided it was time for a change. A Cadillac dealership in Tampa was hiring, so I signed on. From day one, I loved it. You meet so many amazing people in this business. I enjoy the sales process, finding a way to make a deal work for the customer. If you're willing to treat people right and work hard, there's a lot of opportunity."

By 2010, Steve realized he could rise no higher at his current dealership, so he started looking for new opportunities. He found Sunset Auto Group and has never looked back.

"Sunset Auto Group is a true family-centered, values-driven organization. We're even closed on Sundays, because our ownership wants us prioritize family time. You hardly ever get that in this industry, but it makes a world of difference. My wife, Debbie, and my three kids know I'm going to be there for them. So, I'm in a unique position, being able to invest in my family, like my father did for me, and still excel in a job I love.
"Our ownership expects all of us to live out a set of core principles that every single employee is expected to own: integrity, gratitude, passion, knowledge, and accountability. Regardless of what other dealerships do, when you come to Sunset Cadillac of Sarasota, this is what you should expect. We will be honest and appreciative. We will know our product, and we will have answers to your questions. We hold each other to that standard, and we have a contagious passion for people and for this business.
"My proudest moment in the car business was handing my father the keys to his very first Cadillac. But working with this team and delivering the Cadillac experience to every customer ... I'm proud of what we do here every day."