Awards & Honors


We are firmly committed to helping people achieve their personal goals of owning a Cadillac. We take pride in these accolades that confirm we are exceeding at what we are passionate about. Passion drives us, and these represent that exact passion. 

We spend countless hours training, learning, and growing for one simple reason, to be the absolute best at giving our clients a premium Sales & Service experience comparable to none. 

We are constantly striving to be the best, please find a sample of our team's accolades below.

The absolute pinnacle award any General Motors Dealership can win is the highly coveted Dealer of the Year award. In our Dealer Group's over 50 year history, only one Dealership has ever achieved this award. In 2019, we were proud to be that location, and received this illustrious award. This award represents the hard work of all employees, at all levels, in all departments. This award also represents the faith our clients have placed in us every single year, as it takes many years to build up to something this grand. The award was personally presented to us by the Cadillac North American President, Rory Harvey. 

We celebrated this award in style, with a full catered affair for our entire staff. It was wonderful to break bread and celebrate our entire team. It is moments like this that bring us together and remind us why we are so passionate about our commitment to be the best in Cadillac Sales and Service every single year. 

We are focused on winning this award again, and everyday we are committed to excellence in all we do on our mission to greatness!

2014,  2016,  2019,  2020  &  2021

Known internally as the "Mark of Excellence", achieving Cadillac Master Dealer is no small feat. It requires commitment from our entire team to achieve the training standards, customer survey scores, review feedback and much more. This is representative of the leaders among all Cadillac Dealerships in the Nation. Dealers that achieve this recognition consistently are known to have a customer first commitment, and do everything with a solid set of Core Values.

Our Core Values are Integrity, Gratitude, Passion, Communication, Quality and Trust. We live these through everything we do and hold our entire staff accountable for these values. It is because of this we have a team that continually rises to the challenge each day can bring us, and because of this we are proud to win this award consistently.


Cadillac Crest Club is the most prestigious award an individual Cadillac Sales Representative can be awarded. The winner of this award not only needs to have outstanding Service Scores, Survey Responses, Training Completion Scores, but they must also be among the top 100 performing Sales Representatives in the entire Nation. This is an elite crew, and we have been blessed to be one of the top represented Dealerships in the entire Nation. Starting for 2021, Cadillac is also recognizing Service Advisors in Crest Club for being the top 100 in the Nation in terms of Service Standards.